Raid: Shadow Legends Guide

First of all, it must be said quite clearly: Without the Raid Shadow Legends Mod APK the Game is grindy. This guide does not change that. Nevertheless, we want to give you some tips to help you use your limited resources effectively and make progress as quickly as possible.

Basics of Raid Shadow Legends

As a first point we would like to mention a few basics in this guide:


The champions are of course the heart of Raid Shadow Legends. They can be roughly divided by two criteria: On the one hand, by the element. Four of them are currently available. Here the fourth element – Emptiness – takes a special position. It has neither advantages nor disadvantages compared to the other elements. For the rest, a classic rock-scissors-paper principle applies.
The second possibility for division is the role of the hero, currently there are four pieces:

  • Attack: Attack champions should logically deal as much damage as possible. Some of them do not hold a lot of damage. Therefore you should work with artifacts that either increase basic damage, critchance or speed.
  • Supporters: Supporters will debuff enemies while buffing/healing your team. First and foremost, speed artifacts are used to allow the heroes to act as often as possible. Only after that should the survivability through artifacts with defensive or resistance properties be considered.
  • LP/Defensive: The two roles can be confidently combined. In combat, these champions are classic tanks, designed to absorb damage and take the most damage. All defensive artifacts are suitable for them.


In addition to the usual login rewards, there is still the possibility to perform tasks. For this you can view tasks, missions and challenges directly on the main screen. Furthermore, regular events will appear. Common to all of them are the extra rewards that you can dust off. And besides, a large part can be easily done through normal play.

You can also purchase a mysterious shard every day and an antique shard every week for free in the Packs section of the shop.


In combat you should generally set the speed to 2x, this will save you valuable time.
Before every fight, take a close look at the opposing team. Select champions with elements that have an advantage. During combat, keep a close eye on the yellow bars above the champions. Once they are filled, the champion will move next. You should use this knowledge to take out opponents who are ready to attack.


If you wait until you have 10 shards, you can use them at once. This „mass summoning“ saves a lot of time!


Who has ever wondered what is behind the campfire? In any case nothing exciting, here we can disappoint you. Unfortunately, this is only a purely optical spot, which is used for decoration for special events.

Faction wars

This game mode is still not implemented in the game and there is hardly any information about it from Plarium. For the later wars, teams with champions from the respective factions are needed in any case. This fact underlines the importance of not sacrificing rare champions for leveling. A sufficient team strength will be essential for the faction wars. This strength will certainly not be achieved with one and two star champions.

Great Hall

The Great Hall is the best argument for regularly participating in PvP. The medals won can be exchanged for bonuses here in the Great Hall. For each element the values for LP, ANG, DEF, K-DMG, RESISTANCE, and GEN can be improved. The improvements are permanent and will work in every game mode of Raid Shadow Legends. The costs increase with each level. Furthermore it needs the next better medals after every third level. If you take a look at the number of medals required, you will see that Raid remains true to its grindy game principle. Therefore it is even more important to plan for the long term. Which champions do you want to play in the future, which elements do they belong to and which stats do they benefit most from? At least the medals are downwards compatible – gold can also be used for the silver or bronze levels (etc.)

Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall | Inside Games – Guide

Admittedly it still looks pretty empty here with us. But especially for the future the Great Hall has extreme potential.

Issue of jewels

As long as you do not want to invest money, jewels are a very limited commodity. Therefore, their use must be carefully considered. There are several possibilities for this:

The more short-term options are investing in the 11 splitter package for 900 jewels or the 3-day EP boost for 280 jewels. The latter should of course only be considered if active play is possible during this period. If you can imagine playing Raid Shadow Legends in the long term, you should prefer the Jewel Mine. To upgrade all three levels, you will need a total of 1,500 jewels. The mine then needs another 100 days until the costs are balanced again.

The last sensible option is to add new slots to the sparring ring. In principle, this solution is a middle way between short and long term thinking. But you should not upgrade the slots for the time being. The cost-benefit ratio is not too positive here either.

Another tip for Raid: You should definitely try the Test Raid Pass. You can cancel your subscription in your Google Play account under Subscriptions directly after purchase. You keep the advantage and there are still no costs.

The campaign – EP farms in Raid Shadow Legends

An important basic idea that we want to convey in this guide is how you can get as much EP as possible. Especially at the beginning, the best way is to gain strength, level up champions and maximize their rank. This is much more effective than the option to level up.
So the idea is to grind in campaign mode first. As a free-to-play player you can’t get around focusing on a handful of heroes at first. The focus should be on improving to level 60. Because that guarantees the greatest increase in strength.

This means that increasing the ranks of the individual champions at the start of the game is at the forefront. As soon as a hero is at the maximum level, his rank can be increased. Heroes with the same star rating must be sacrificed for this. The following rule applies:

3* =3×2*

4* =4×3*

5* =5×4*

That means you have to sacrifice and level a lot of champions to finally sacrifice them again. That’s why we call them „Sacrificial Heroes“. You should only use the one and two star heroes for sacrifice You should save the rarer heroes for later.

Ideally, you should choose a team of three Sacrificial Heroes and one more champion, who has many AoE skills and can finish a section alone.

And which section should be farmed? Basically there are two approaches: If you want to farm silver in addition to EP, the third section of each chapter is the best choice. Here the shield artifacts drop down, which earn the highest proceeds when sold. Another time saving tip: Once you have selected an artifact to sell, you can add as many more as you like.
If you’re purely interested in the XP, the section in the highest chapter is your goal. However, you should only use the sixth section for farming. This is the section that gives the most XP within a chapter.

Raid Shadow Legends Farms | Inside Games – Guide

Farms in Raid: Pretty dull and lengthy. That’s why you need to be extremely effective.

Champion Improvement through Ascension

After increasing the maximum level, the Upgrade option should be in second place. If you perform the upgrade, the stars of the hero will turn purple. But this will only slightly increase the basic values. Consequently, the positive effect is less pronounced than with normal leveling. To level up you need different potions. These can be collected by completing the tasks or in the dungeons. However, the access depends on the day of the week. That’s why you can never enter all dungeons in one day. The availability changes daily.

The droprate of the potions is not the best and the energy costs are much higher than in the campaign. This fact becomes obvious at the latest when farming the potions for the third ascent. That’s why this improvement is only on number two.

Besides the improvement of the stats there are other advantages of ascending. At level three, certain heroes can either unlock a new ability or improve an existing one. Levels five and six also allow for one additional slot each for equipment.
So if you can reach one of the three levels by upgrading, you can consider farming potions. Otherwise, you should do this at the back of the game.

The Artefacts

The artifacts, i.e. the equipment, are very important in Raid. Similar to the heroes artifacts are divided into rarities with different star ratings. Roughly speaking: Rarer items with more stars are also stronger overall.
A beginner’s help was provided by the developers. You can click on rating for each champion. This will show you the recommended artifacts. At the beginning this is surely sufficient.
Basically you should adapt the artifacts to the role of the hero (see above). At the same time it is always worth taking a look at the abilities and the values they are based on. You should therefore focus on the displayed value.

The artifacts always have a main value, which increases with each level of the artifact. Furthermore there are the four possible secondary values. If the artifact reaches level 4, 8, 12 or 16, a value will be added or improved each time the artifact reaches this level. An example to illustrate this: An ordinary boot starts with only one main value. Whereas the epic artifacts start with three additional stats. Furthermore, the stars have an influence on the values of the artifacts. The more stars, the better the values become.


Skills affect every Hero and can be unlocked from the Minotaur’s Maze using specific scrolls. As so often, there’s a catch here: Besides the required number, which is already quite high, the random factor is the biggest problem. After each successful dungeon completion, a hero is randomly selected from the group and possibly receives the coveted scrolls. This problem also ensures that skill points initially play a subordinate role. At the very least, Heroes who already have all the skills available will not be considered for distribution. This means in reverse: If four Heroes in a team of five have all the scrolls, the fifth Hero will automatically be assigned all of them.
If you’re eager to farm the scrolls, you can at least consider the first two levels of skill development. After that, however, you should first complete the other points in the guide.


First of all, it must be said quite clearly: Raid Shadow Legends is grindy. This guide does not change that. Nevertheless, we want to give you some tips to help you use your limited resources effectively and make progress as quickly as possible.

Our advice will focus on making the most of your first 20+ raids, which are relatively easy. However, as you level the story, you will encounter more difficult bosses that require even more resources. At this point, your raid will be full of loot, and you will probably want to take some of the higher difficulty ones, but we recommend you take the more challenging raid encounters first. There are three phases to the fight: The raid will start with 1x Shredder, 2x Shredders, 2x Shredder, and 1x Shredder. Shredder, and the Shredder will be the most dangerous, and you need to work together to get past them. After each Shredder, the boss will attack your raid, dealing massive damage. As long as you get the Shredder, Shredder, and Shredder, you should be fine. The Shredder phase requires you to deal massive damage to the boss. After a Shredder is down to 50% health, the fight will begin. It takes 30 seconds to go from Shredder to the boss. Shredder can hit over 300k HP with no health regeneration from his abilities, so make sure you’ve got as many healers on as possible. After the Shredder’s first attack, you need to run over to the other side of the room and kill a single Fierce Luchador before the Shredder’s next phase starts. You can kill the Fierce Luchador with a single Luchador’s Smash (Fiery Smash, Fiery Smash, Fiery Smash), or you can use the Shredder’s second attack to kill both Fierce Luchadors. When you’ve got the Shredder, it can deal high damage, so it’s important to make sure you’re constantly in range of it. After the Shredder phases, you have to go into the boss‘ chamber and kill the next two bosses. The second boss is quite easy: just keep attacking the boss with melee (he’s got one hit that can do over 200k HP, so be careful not to get hit yourself) and it’ll only take a few hits before it dies. Then the final boss is slightly harder, but still pretty simple: Just attack the boss with melee (you need to do around 600k damage, though, which is actually quite low) and the boss dies. Just keep hitting him and you’ll finish the run in less than 12 seconds. If you’re not feeling it, you can also kill the boss quickly using the trick. In the end, Raid Shadow Legends is one of the more annoying raids I’ve done. It’s not a bad raiding experience, but it’s a grindy experience. The second best one is the first (though that one is harder), but it’s still relatively easy.

How do you find people to play with?

Raids can be a little hard to get people in to, because of how little of a priority they are as raid leaders. Most people have just the one character, and if you can’t find the person you’re looking for, don’t even bother trying.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of really fun people out there who really, really like to raid. I’ve always thought of raiding as an activity that anyone could do, even if you didn’t play a lot of video games, or if you never really felt like being in a game. So I want to help make that a little easier for the people who do. I’m trying to take it a little further than just playing the game, but still allow a lot of flexibility as a raid leader. The first goal is to get people into the raid and have them start helping the other members with the mechanics. Then we’ll see where we end up. We have a lot of stuff planned for the raid itself. I haven’t even finished making sure everything is in there yet. I’m going to get some of the other people in the raid to go and check it out. There are a lot of mechanics to keep track of.

In the meantime, the raid was pretty fun. The group was really into it and we didn’t have any issues.

We’ll be doing the raid again next Wednesday, the 14th, in case the event is too crowded. We’ve decided to hold the raid in a different area, because it was too big.

Raid Shadow Legends is a new event, so it’ll be different from all the other guilds‘ events. We’re not sure what’s the plan for it yet. We will definitely put up posters and have the raid organized into its own room. We’re still working on the organization of the room and making sure everything is organized and done correctly, but we should be ready soon. If you want to join, you can sign up here and there will be several opportunities. We’ve also received a lot of questions about the raid, so we’ve decided to post here, too. You can find the details of how the raid will go over here.

For those that don’t know, Raid Shadow Legends is an event run by a group of people called the Shadow Legion. Their main goal is to have a great raid, so they’ve organized the raid and the players to attend it. The raid itself will take place every Saturday at 18:00 CEST, and we’re pretty sure that everyone involved will get plenty of rest and have a blast. You can join the raid here, or go to the raid page and enter a time for yourself. There will be many people attending, so we’re going to make sure that everyone gets a fair share of the action. If you want to know more about the raid, please join the Raiding the Shadow Legion Group, and you’ll be able to find all the info on how to participate and the schedule of the event here. On the other hand, we don’t like to say „No“. That would mean that the raid would be closed out and everyone would have to do it again, and we can’t do that. Raids are fun, and we know that we’re doing something different from other guilds, so the challenge is to keep everyone interested and excited, while at the same time keeping everything interesting and challenging. For more information about the raid, you can find a raid overview at the Raids page. It’s a long read, but it covers all the info on the raid in one page. And of course you’ll have to see the raids to get the full picture of how the raid goes. So it’s not just the raid itself that’s grindy. It’s also the fact that it’s only for the first two weeks. This is part of our ongoing effort to improve and expand our raiding experiences. We’re working on the Raids page as well, so stay tuned for more information there. And don’t worry about raiding solo if you’re a new raid master. We’re working with you to ensure you get the most out of your time. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on the blog, Twitter, in the forums, or in the Raids thread in the forums. It’s been a busy few months! We’ve added a few new raid tiers, added a new Heroic dungeon, added the new Heroic Dungeons, and even added some new raid rewards. But we didn’t stop there.

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